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Wave Callscape 100 XP Software

Wave Callscape will show the current incoming or outgoing call using the BT Callscape 100 Call Management Solution hardware. Also known as Callscape Driver.


  • Logs incoming & Outgoing calls

  • Date and Time Logged

  • Call Duration recorded

  • Export call log (Registered Version)

  • On / Off Hook indication.

  • Works with Windows XP

Version History.

V1.5h (23/07/2006)
Better call log saving, now saved when a call is received or made.
Add little icon to indicate state of phone.

V1.5g (17/06/2006)
Wave Callscape will take the monitor out of standby when a call is received.
File>Exit now works!

V1.5f (26/03/2006)
Option added to Mute the PC Sound Card (Master Volume) when the handset is lifted.
Mute is removed when handset is replaced.

V1.5e (19/03/2006)
Better outgoing name match.
Can now add numbers to the phonebook when a call is received.

V1.5d (28/02/2006)
Outgoing calls are now matched against the phonebook.
The option to enter a prefix number is now given (for example if you use
a low cost provider).

V1.5c (12/02/2006)
Pin 2 of the Parallel port is toggled when a call is received or handset lifted.
We use this to mute the radio when on the phone.

V1.5b (05/02/2006)
Number disappearing bug fixed.
Now able to enter '-' in the phone book to match incoming numbers.

V1.5 (18/04/2005)
Wave Callscape can now go full screen.
Option to disable (X) Close (Requested)
Company is now shown in the call log windows (Requested)
Bad news - I have had to change the Call log, so this version will 
only load saved calls from V1.5 or greater. (This will not change again) - Phonebook is un-effected.

V1.4 (13/03/2005)
Bug fixes and extra HTTP server options.

V1.3 (11/08/2004)   adds an phone book which allows the cross matching of name and numbers..

 V1.2 (17/07/2004)  which adds Remote viewing of the current calls received and dialled.
Wave Callscape works as a http server so can be accessed by any computer connected to the internet using a standard browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Download Demo HERE

This version is fully working apart from the Call Log is not saved when you exit the program.
The full version is 19.95 and includes all future upgrades and the ability to save the call log and export it.


PayPal Payment


Wave Callscape XP
FULL Version

Please download the demo version first and have a play as refunds are not possible.

An unlock code will be emailed to you within 24 hours, normally much quicker.

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