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Wave Caller-ID XP Software
Display and Store Caller-ID information on your PC

Using an External Hardware (Modem with Caller-id Support) device and Wave Caller-ID it is possible to log incoming calls. (If you have the BT Callscape unit, click HERE)

Below is a list of support hardware:

  1. Pace 56 Voice External

  2. Pace 56 Voice Internal

  3. Hayes Modems

  4. Pace Solo - added V1.1

  5. Minibox

  6. Concept Devices - PC Caller.

  7. Crucible Meteor (Basic caller-id support)




Wave Caller-ID Download
Version V1.7b XP
Updated 01/01/2004
(No longer updated)
File Size: 10 Mbyte
This version adds TAPI support for Windows XP.
This version will also automatically install all the required MS Agent files and install / update the Borland Database Engine.

This version is fully working apart from it will close down after 3 calls.
The full version is 9.95 and will record unlimited number of calls.


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Wave Caller-ID 1.7b XP
FULL Version

Please download the demo version first and have a play as refunds are not possible.

The full version (new .exe file) will be emailed within 24 hours, normally quicker.


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